What’s more important — raw creative talent or a depth of experience?

That’s more a rhetorical question since we have plenty of both at Mikula-Harris. The combination of creative excellence and practical experience is actually our secret to success.

The talent side of the equation shines as bright as a supernova. We start with big ideas and bold concepts and then execute each step of every project with impeccable attention to details. Why is this so important? Because it’s your brand image at stake.

Our extensive experience means that we know how to get results. We know how to turn ideas into action; how to get the most out of every budget; how to use research and data; how to effectively market our clients across all kinds of media. Another thing learned through years of experience is that even though we’re hired because we’re experts in our field, our clients are also experts in theirs. We listen carefully to our clients’ input and concerns because working together is the wisest approach to creating solutions.

We know tourism.

Mikula-Harris has developed a strong reputation in the travel and tourism industry because of our impressive body of creative work and record of success. Our depth of experience in the field gives us a perspective rarely found in an ad agency. We know how the destination marketing world works — the importance of selling experiences, the media landscape, the latest travel trends and how to build a powerful marketing plan that gets results.

Over the years, we have launched some compelling community brands, which is a critical first step toward growing tourism. We believe that every destination has a unique story to tell. Our proven three-phase Brand Development Process has been perfected over many years to provide the research, insights and creativity that leads to great destination brands.

As experts in travel and tourism, we serve a variety of clients:

• Destination Marketing Organizations, including community or county tourism offices, chambers of commerce, convention & visitor bureaus and economic development departments

• State Tourism Departments

• Resorts and attractions, including museums, theme parks, outfitters and more


Winning awards is not our goal. However, the simple fact is that great work gets recognized with awards. We have certainly collected our share of them over the years. Our work has been recognized in local, regional and national awards competitions more times than we can count. Some of those competitions are judged solely on design and creativity while others are presented by industry-specific associations and judged by professionals for effectiveness. We’re proud of them all.


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