Alleghany Highlands of Virginia

Considering its long history, its heyday as a railroad hub, and its stunningly beautiful mountains and rivers, the Alleghany Highlands was a blank slate when Mikula-Harris was chosen to develop a tourism brand.

Building a brand from scratch is both exciting and daunting. Solid research and plenty of input from local tourism partners are critical to success. It’s also important to spend time in the community getting to understand what makes the destination special. Accurately capturing the personality of a place and differentiating it from others are equally important to our team.

The ad campaign focused on experiences that are “Uniquely Alleghany.” It has been a very popular campaign both inside the community and beyond, spawning the use of the hashtag #UniquelyAlleghany.

Services Provided:
Brand Development, Research, Ideation, Strategy, Art Direction, Copywriting, Design, Photography, Print Management, Programming, Video Production

Responsive Website

Print Advertising Campaign

Rack Card Series


Niche Campaign Elements

Rack Brochure

DVD Packaging

Visitor Center Signage


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