County of Bath

It’s understandable if the only thing you know about Bath County is that The Omni Homestead Resort is located there. It would also be a shame if that’s all you know. It has unspoiled natural beauty, outdoor recreation, charming towns and not a single stoplight in the entire county.

Tourism is important to the economy of Bath County. For years, Mikula-Harris has provided creative services to keep visitors streaming into the county for family vacations, weekend getaways, outdoor adventure, spa visits and more.

Our team has a unique partnership with Bath County to provide creative and strategic direction to the Office of Tourism. We’re engaged in the community to strengthen relationships and keep local businesses informed. We have learned first hand about Bath County’s reputation for legendary hospitality.

Services Provided:
Ideation, Strategy, Art Direction, Copywriting, Design, Photography, Print Management, Programming, Video Production

Responsive Website

Print Advertising Campaign

Bath County New Outlook on Life Ad
Bath County Tales to Tell All Your Friends Ad

Online Advertising

New Outlook On Life 300x250 Banner Ad  for Bath County
Bath County Magical Journeys 300x600 Banner Ad

Visitors Guide

Video Campaign:


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