We’ve won our share of local, regional and national awards including a few more that we just picked up at the Western Virginia ADDY Awards Ceremony on Saturday night. But it’s important to the meaning of the awards and always keep them in the proper perspective.

We only enter our work in a few competitions each year. Some are open to all advertising and design firms in general and some are industry specific. Some are judged on design and creative excellence while others are judged on measurable results. The truth is that creative excellence and effectiveness are inextricably linked (see earlier blog post). Superior creative work serves the client’s interest and sells their product. It’s not a coincidence that the highly creative work also happens to wins awards. They go hand-in-hand.

Among all my colleagues and peers in the advertising community, I don’t know a single one who would push an idea on a client solely because it might win an award one day. If you get the feeling that your agency puts awards ahead of your interests, it’s time to consider another creative firm. Our philosophy is – do great work that advances the client’s brand objectives and the awards will take care of themselves.


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