Mikula|Harris was recently chosen to provide creative services to a new tourism client after a long and, I'm told, very competitive process. The client received sealed bids from which they selected finalists for in-person presentations. Even after three highly qualified agencies made their presentations it was difficult for the group of decision-makers to select a winner. They then spent even more time vetting the agencies and checking references. Our references, I was told when the client informed me that we were chosen, helped tip the scale in our favor.

"Your clients speak very enthusiastically about your firm," the now client said. My first reaction was, "that's nice of them," but upon further thought I realized it's more than nice. It's extremely flattering and it speaks volumes about our team. When we list references on a proposal we hope they will say that we did a good job, delivered what we promised on time and acted professionally throughout the process. Hearing that our current clients have all that and more to say — and they say it with genuine enthusiasm — truly made our whole team feel good. For all our effort to stay on the cutting edge of various subjects, we’re still a bit old-fashioned about the value of relationships. This is a reminder that it must always remain a top priority.


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