Blacksburg, Virginia, and Pine Ridge Reservation in South Dakota are separated by much more than 1500 miles. There is an economic divide between them as well. But one teenager in Blacksburg found a way to make a difference in the lives of Lakota Native American children, some of whom are close to his own age.

For those who are unaware of the process, to become an Eagle Scout a young man has to plan and carry out a service project that provides a significant contribution to a worthy organization. The project must also offer ample opportunity for the scout to lead others in carrying it out. Many great projects take place in local parks, church grounds or other non-profit organizations. The young man in Blacksburg got a bit more creative with his project. His initiative and leadership combined with the hard work his fellow scouts did to fix up old bikes would be more than enough to qualify for Good News Monday. Wait, there's more. A local businessman working with Dunmar Moving Systems and their affiliate Allied Van Lines arranged to get the bikes shipped to South Dakota at no extra cost to the Eagle Scout Project.

All Eagle Scout projects qualify for this good news blog. This one, however, gets a special mention today because of its uniqueness. Its objective was not to make an organization better, a park prettier, or a playground safer. This project is designed solely to make the lives of some children a little brighter.


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