Tennis is a great sport. Among the world’s elite players are some very classy athletes. The past two weeks at Wimbledon are a great example of guts, perseverance and raw talent. In my opinion, two great stories emerged.

First, one of the most incredible talents ever to pick up a racket was rewarded with a seventh Wimbledon championship. It didn’t come easy – as is the case lately as Roger Federer recently turned 30. He’s a great player and a true gentlemen and I enjoy seeing him win.

Second, Andy Murray has played at Wimbledon for several years now. This year he finally made it to the finals. Andy is from Scotland. That means he had a real chance at becoming the first British man to win Wimbledon since 1936, and he had an entire nation cheering for him. It got more exciting for British fans with each victory during the fortnight tournament. Through the quarter-finals and then semi-finals until finally a shot at the championship. The love and support clearly meant a lot to Murray as this video shows. In true British (and tennis) style, he handled it with humor and grace. A terrific example of sportsmanship.


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