Those of you who have been reading Good News Monday for a while could probably see this choice coming from a mile — or as much as five kilometers — away. This blog has written extensively about great stories of perseverance, role models, the achievements of young people and, as much as any other topic, the amazing members of our military. Here's a great story that brings them all together.
Here's the story that went viral last week. A group of marines decided to run in a local 5K race in Michigan last week. After crossing the finish line, the group realized that one of their own was missing. They wondered if he suffered an injury along the course and were about to go looking for him when he came around the bend running alongside a small boy. Earlier in the race, the nine year old boy got separated from his friends and family. He said to Lance Cpl Myles Kerr, "Sir, will you run with me?" Kerr ran with the boy and encouraged him along the way when he wanted to quit. They crossed the finish line together in a photo that has been seen around the world.
One of the things I loved about the sport of running back in the days when I participated in local 5K and 10K races, is that even those who had no chance of winning the race or even their age group still had something important to race for. They call it "Personal Best" or "Personal Record." Last week in Michigan, Lance Cpl Kerr may not have logged his best 5K time according to the race clock, but he demonstrated what it means to give one's personal best.


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