During our 25 years in business, we have achieved some pretty cool things. We've won more awards than I can count. They include local, regional and national awards. Many are from creative competitions while others are from industry-specific associations that judge the work on results. We're proud of all of them.

We have also helped clients achieve practical and measurable success. We've run campaigns where the web and social media stats are through the roof. We have also seen some of our tourism clients outpace state and national averages for year-over-year growth in visitor spending. We love that feeling. So, what's left on the professional bucket list?
• Continue collaborating with great people. We occasionally supplement our core team with writers, photographers, videographers and even freelance designers. We've worked with some really smart and talented people and plan to continue that tradition.
• For years I have been saying — only half-jokingly — that all I ask for is a beach community and a ski resort as tourism clients. Sure it would be great to spend time at these place doing the "research" necessary to do our job. Seriously, our team vacations in these kinds of places and are passionate about them. I believe we'd produce amazing creative work for these clients and have fun at the same time.
• Increase our video work. Every destination of any importance has to have a good tourism video. It's expected in this day and age. The ones that our team has created so far are kick-butt. Except for contributing some words for the script, I mostly stay out of the video making process. Given a few opportunities and some fresh material, I'd love to see what kind of cool stuff our team would come up with.
• Create something that spans at least two generations. Whether it's a logo, tagline or campaign theme, it would be a thrill to be a part of something so creative that it has the legs to last for decades like Virginia is for Lovers or Just Do It. We have some work out there now that might accomplish this. Time will tell.
• More clients, collaborators and vendors who ultimately become friends. That has worked out really well over the first 25 years.


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