We think that every destination should have a solid, unique and comprehensive brand strategy to steer their marketing and public relations. Some may think the branding process is just for larger communities. Ironically, the smaller ones need the direction and differentiation that comes from branding even more. There are two sides to every issue. For the naysayers, today we offer an argument (yes, it's very sarcastic) for doing nothing. For taking it one day at a time and deciding what the marketing message for your destination will be each morning when you get out of bed. For ensuring that the only consistent element in all marketing collateral is that QR Code in the lower corner.

• You actually think it's a good thing that every time consumers see a communication from your DMO the message is totally different from the previous time. After all, it suggests the many and varied reasons to visit.

• There is no chance that consumers could possibly have an incorrect perception about your community. Everyone, everywhere, knows everything necessary to arrive at the correct conclusion about your destination. Therefore, there is no reason for your DMO to be proactive about putting out a positive and consistent message.

• Who needs research? Making decisions by gut instinct is good enough. Besides, what would we do with data on what people enjoyed most and least about the destination; where they get travel information; size of the travel party; what are the best feeder markets for your destination; average age of visitors and more?

• You have no time to respond to questions and fulfill requests for visitor guides. Those darn things just cost money anyway.

Sure, don't worry about the brand. What's the worst that could happen? Words uttered by many folks whose career then slipped into oblivion.


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