This will very likely be a featured in a case study on our website one day. I expect this initiative to generate impressive results for our client. We’ll monitor some performance metrics over several months and report back to you. In the meantime, we just like this creative work so much that we want to share it with you.

Several months ago, Alleghany Highlands Chamber of Commerce and Tourism chose Inprint to develop a tourism brand strategy for the area and bring it to life through a website, visitors guide, advertising campaign and more. My colleagues and I knew a fair amount about the region having worked with the local hospital, school district and non-profit Alleghany Foundation over the years, but we were still blown away by what we learned when we started thinking about the Alleghany Highlands as a destination for visitors.

First, it’s breathtakingly beautiful. Nearly 50% of the county is in the National Forest, so the surrounding mountains remain pristine and undeveloped.

Second, the people who live there give new meaning to Southern Hospitality. I encounter nice people everywhere I travel, but in the Alleghany Highlands it’s more than that. They are proud of the quality of life in their county, cities and towns and they genuinely love sharing it with visitors.

Third, the lakes, rivers and streams play a large part in the life of the county and can be a major tourist draw as well. They have world-class fly-fishing streams, great rivers for paddling, and lakes suitable for sailing, jet-skiing or swimming.

Fourth, their location makes the Alleghany Highlands an easy getaway for a lot of people. By interstate highway visitors from Richmond, Washington, Baltimore and even Winston-Salem can be there in 3 – 4 hours. If that isn’t convenient enough, some places are fortunate enough to be able to arrive by train as an Amtrak station is in downtown Clifton Forge.

Yes, indeed, there is great potential for visitor growth in the Alleghany Highlands. We have thoroughly enjoyed creating this brand and we’re not going to stop until everyone in the Mid-Atlantic region knows all about the Alleghany Highlands of Virginia.


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