We recently launched a new tourism website that I want to
share with you. It's a fairly small site with fewer than 20 pages. It doesn't
have many technological bells and whistles, yet it's one of my favorites. I
like this site for several reasons:

1. It's visually beautiful. The design is clean and
tasteful with big, beautiful photographs. Our art director and creative
director did a great job on this site.

2. Since I was first introduced to the four-county region
known as Virginia's Western Highlands a few years ago, I thought that the
initiative had great potential. I'm pleased to see the website launch and now
look forward to developing a complementing brochure.

3. I think we perfectly captured the essence of the
region through the photos, the copy and the overall personality of the site. We
try hard to do that with every tourism website, brochure and ad campaign
because honesty combined with creativity is crucial to successful tourism
branding. I think we nailed it this time.

I admit that this western
edge of the state doesn’t usually come to mind when visitors think about
Virginia. After all, Virginia has so much to offer – famous things like
Monticello, Williamsburg, beaches and amusement parks. I hope this website and
future promotional materials can help change that. Virginia’s Western Highlands
is a breathtakingly beautiful region. For anyone who lives in an urban center,
it’s a genuine escape to another world. It’s possible to drive for hours and
hours and not encounter a single stoplight. It’s home to a historic grand
resort (The Homestead), several unique towns that will capture your heart,
more outdoor recreation than you can experience in a lifetime, and mountain views that
go on forever. Don’t take my word for it, check it out online. Better yet,
visit for yourself and then tell us if you agree that we got it right on this new website.


6 Walnut Avenue • Vinton, Virginia 24179

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