A Yankee heads south

Every year around this time, I think about that Memorial Day Weekend many years ago that I spent excitedly packing for my move from New Hampshire to Roanoke, Virginia. I remember how nerve-wracking it was thinking I'd forget to do something or notify someone...

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Good News Monday — Kindness in Advertising

On Mondays this blog is about kindness and generosity. Every other day of the week it’s about tourism, advertising, branding or whatever we feel like writing about. Today, we invite you to enjoy a feel good video that is also an advertisement for one of the world’s...

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Good News Monday – Taking a Swing at Autism

At age 17, in the spring of my senior year in high school, my thoughts rarely stretched past what I would do on the next weekend. The young man I am about to introduce you to is thinking about how the program he started two years ago to help autistic kids will...

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