In Search of the Perfect Client

Can true perfection ever be attained? It's an age-old question. Having worked with designers for 20+ years, I know that they will strive for it for as long as a project deadline will allow — color correcting photos, adjusting cropping, poring over fonts, and oh...

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Good News Monday — Eight More Days

If you are reading this on the day it's posted, there is precisely one week and one day until Election Day in America. That alone probably will make many readers happy, the same way that a crowd applauds when a long-winded speaker says, "and in closing."...

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Good News Monday — Artists at Work

I started Good News Monday because I think it's good practice to look around and spot the good news in your life each day. It's a sort of "stop and smell the roses" philosophy. I've featured acts of generosity, kindness and heroism. All of which...

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