Event Promotion on Facebook

I had high expectations for social media to spread the word about a unique event. And Facebook did not let me down. It provides an interesting lesson in how Facebook can be used for event promotion Each year, the graduating class of Southeast Tourism Society Marketing...

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Good ways to engage Inprint

Inprint is a unique agency. There are branding firms that develop great brand strategies but only in the broadest possible sense. They provide a rationale for their conclusions and some generic mock-ups to demonstrate how it can be implemented. They are not interested...

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The Brands of the Roanoke Valley

For as long as I've lived in beautiful Roanoke, Virginia, I've heard some community leaders lament the lack of a cohesive regional brand. Several years ago a group tried to pull it off with an effort called NewVa. What's that, you've never heard of it?...

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Go big, or go home.

I admit it, I love this philosophy. Advertising is all about big ideas and we're constantly looking for ways to help our clients get big results. Unfortunately, this philosophy is sometimes misunderstood. “Go big or go home” does not involve reckless abandon....

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Gut instinct is not a brand strategy

When our firm does a branding project for a client, we guide them through a three-step process. The first step is when we do our research. The next step is the evaluation of the research and the formulation of a brand strategy. The third step brings it to life with...

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