It’s National Tourism Week

Today marks the end of National Travel and Tourism week. All week long Twitter and Facebook have been abuzz with stories of how DMOs and CVBs have celebrated the occasion with contests, press releases and special events. Many places took the opportunity to educate the...

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Making good tourism campaigns great

I've posted several entries recently about the new Roanoke Valley CVB ad campaign and why I think it is powerful. Today I'd like to shift gears slightly and invite you to engage in the dialogue. Instead of examining just one example, let's consider the factors that...

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A Versatile Campaign

Continuing our occasional look inside the re-branding of the Roanoke Valley Convention & Visitors Bureau, this week the second ad in the new campaign appears in print. It is another outdoor-themed ad in Blue Ridge Outdoors magazine with a special focus on...

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Hermes – Messenger of the Gods

In Greek mythology Hermes is the messenger of the gods as well as the patron of boundaries and the travelers who travel across them. How appropriate that two of the three Hermes Creative Awards won by Inprint are for tourism initiatives. The Hermes Creative Awards is...

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A Tourism Summit for Virginia

I'm writing this entry from Fairfax, Virginia, where I am having a blast at the Virginia Association of Convention & Visitors Bureaus' Tourism Summit. This has been a tremendously gratifying conference for me and for the entire Inprint creative team. It's been a...

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A Brand New Identity or A New Brand Identity

You don't have to enter the witness protection program to get a new identity. We help clients navigate through the process all the time. We've developed some amazing visual identities for places and companies – some we created from scratch and some were makeovers done...

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It’s a Blue Ridge Day

An exciting new print ad campaign for the Roanoke Valley Convention & Visitors Bureau hit the streets for the first time last week on the pages of Blue Ridge Outdoors magazine. The ad campaign is a key component of the rebranding initiative begun by Inprint and...

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A glimpse inside a rebranding project

As a follow up to my last blog post about true rebranding vs. what some people cavalierly refer to as rebranding, I am pleased to share some information with you about Inprint's work to rebrand the Roanoke Valley Convention & Visitors Bureau. The initial research...

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What it means to rebrand?

Rebranding – I mean truly rebranding – is not for the faint of heart. By definition it means making a significant change and change is difficult for some people to embrace. It's not necessarily an admission that things were wrong before. Perhaps your organization...

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Let’s talk about those tourism jobs

We're really proud of our work promoting tourism. Not just because it's fun and creative work for us, although it certainly is. We're also proud of the great economic impact that tourism has on a community. In Virginia in 2008, travelers spent over $19 billion on...

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